Create Proforma Invoice[MIGRATED]

  • Sales Force > Proforma Invoice > Create Proforma Invoice
  • Proforma Invoice is a document that the seller gives to the buyer that listed with the items' precise figures and additional charges like admission fees, delivery fees etc. It acts like a quotation.
  • Click on 'Select' to choose an existing customer account.
  • Enter the required details. Click on 'Update Details'.
    • Respond Before - the due date for the customer to respond on the Proforma Invoice
    • Delivery Date - this date is entered only when the customer requires delivery service
  • Click 'Add Inquiry' to select item from inquiry list or click 'Add Item' to select item from Inventory. 'Add Inquiry' speed up the process of creating Proforma Invoice as user does not need to search for the item in the Inventory list.
  • Click 'Add Inquiry', a new screen will pop up.
  • Enter the dates to filter the inquiries. Click 'Submit'.
  • The list of inquiries will appear. Salesman can only select inquiries that is created by himself or herself, inquiries created by other salesman will not appear on the list. 
  • Click 'Select' under the Action field to add the inquiry to the Proforma Invoice.

  • After the inquiry has been added to the Proforma Invoice, the inquiry number will be listed together with the item details.
  • Click 'Edit' under the Actions field to enter the Quantity and Unit Price.
  • Click 'Save Changes'.

  • Click 'Remove' under the Actions field to delete the item from the Proforma Invoice.
  • The system will warn the users if the item code entered is invalid.
  • After you have done, click on 'Create ProformaInvoice Now'.

  • Users are advise to create a separate Proforma Invoice for every different item. This is due to the following reason:
    • Easier in processing the Proforma Invoice as customer may agree on one of the item and disagree on the other. 
    • When creating an Invoice from a Proforma Invoice, only one item from the Proforma Invoice is allowed to add to the Invoice. Click here to learn how to create Invoice from Proforma Invoice.
  • To clear the form, click 'Reset'.