Create Product Inquiry[MIGRATED]

  • Sales Force > Sales Inquiry > Create Product Inquiry
  • Click on 'Select' to select a customer account and fill in the respective details.
    • Select a Branch and a Salesman. Make sure the correct salesman is selected, if not the salesman will not able to select the inquiry when creating Proforma Invoice.
    • Enter the Inquiry Date, the date which the customer ask about the products.
    • Enter the Respond Before Date, the due date of replying the customer.
    • Specify a Delivery Date if the customer needs the products on a certain date.
    • Click on 'Update Details', if not the changes will not be saved.
  • There are 2 ways to enter an inquiry:
    • Under the Customer Description, enter the Item Name, Quantity and Price. Fill in the Description and Comments if there is any. Click on 'Add Item'.

    • Click on 'Add Item Help'. There will be a pop-up screen appear. Select the levels accordingly from the drop down list (Note that not all the levels must be select). The Item Name will be generated automatically. Enter the Quantity and Price. Click 'Submit'.

  • As the price of the product depends on the volume most of the time, it is advisable for users to specify the quantity required by the prospective customers so that it would be easier for the procurement department to obtain quotation and information for the products subsequently.
  • After finish adding the items for inquiry, click on 'Create Inquiry Now'.
  • Click on 'Reset' to clear the form.
  • The created inquiry will be routed to the procurement department. The procurement department will process the inquiry by assigning it to the respective suppliers in Procurement > Purchase Inquiry > New Product Inquiry page.