Create Payroll Matrix[MIGRATED]

  • Human Resource > HR Maintenance > Create Payroll Matrix
  • This function allows users to create the Master Matrix that will appear in the payslip, for example EPF, SOCSO, Tax, etc.
  • Matrix Code acts like an Item Code. It is a unique code that represent each individual item in the payslip.
  • Category (Filter) is actually a keyword field so that user can easily search for the matrix.
  • Calculation Logic refers to how the Matrix will be calculated. The system includes 4 logics, for example Basic Salary = RM2000, Rate = 0.10 and Amount = RM200:
    • Basic Salary - (Basic Salary * Rate) -> 2000 - (2000 * 0.10) = RM1800
    • Basic Salary + (Basic Salary * Rate) -> 2000 + (2000 * 0.10) = RM2200
    • Basic Salary + Amount -> 2000 + 200 = RM2200
    • Basic Salary - Amount -> 2000 - 200 = RM1800
  • Matrix Type is the category of the matrix. Users will be able to configure this.
    • EPF/SOCSO/Tax - for these type of category will have parent and child item
      • Parent - the master matrix
      • Child - the individual matrix item
    • Allowance/Deduction - does not have child item, just need to enter the amount or rate
  • There are two Item Type:
    • Monthly - matrix item that will be recurring every month.
    • Addhoc - matrix item that only appear in the payslip occasionally.

  • After finish inputting the details, click 'Create Matrix'. There will be additional fields that need to be filled.
  • For EPF/SOCSO/Tax matrix type:
    • Description is an identifier for each Matrix Item.
    • Range Start and Range End refer to the salary range.
    • If the salary of an employee falls within the range, the amount or rate will be used in the selected calculation logic.
  • Click 'Submit' to save the Matrix Item.

  • For Payroll Allowance and Deduction, after creating the Matrix, there will be an additional field to enter the Rate/Amount.
  • Remember to 'Update Matrix' after done.

  • The created Matrix Item will appear in the Matrix Item List.