Create New Booking [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/01/rental-booking-create/
  • Rental > Booking Maintenance > Create New
  • This function allows users to book a time slot of the resource for customers.
  • Click 'ACCOUNT' to select a customer account or enter the member card number. Please refer to Loyalty Module to learn about member card.
  • If is a Walk-In Customer with no account, users just need to type the Customer Name in the empty field and press 'Enter'.
  • Select a Resource Code from the drop down list and click 'Submit'.

  • Enter the Resource Details accordingly and click 'Submit'.

  • Slot that has been booked will appear on the list. Users can delete a booking under Action field.
  • After entering all the bookings, remember to click 'Confirm and Save' if not the booking will not take effect.
  • A pop up box will appear asking 'Are You Sure the Details Are Correct?'. Click 'OK'.