Create Internal Stock Transfer Draft [MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/25/create-draft/
  • Trading > Internal Stock Transfer > Create Draft
  • This function can be used by Branches for stock requisition purpose. To do this, instead of Creating the Internal Stock Transfer, a Draft will be created. Then, HQ will convert the Draft to the actual Internal Stock Transfer.
  • Note that the system disallow transfer of goods from one branch to another branch with different PC Center.
  • Fill in the required information.
 Available Fields
 Branch FROM
Specify the branch that will transfer the items
 Branch TO
Specify the branch that will receive the items
 TransporterThe person in-charge of delivering the items. Users can type in the  driver name or select a driver from the drop down list. The driver drop down list is configured in Distribution > Maintenance > Create Driver.
 RefNoReference number of related documents, for eg. delivery order
 Create Date
Date of the stock transfer is created
 Sender Remarks
Optional remarks
  • Select item that need to be transferred. Click on 'Add Item'. A Select Stock For Transfer screen will appear.
  • Users can search for items by EAN Code or Fuzzy Search.
  • Items that match the search criteria will be listed. Click on the respective item code to select.

  • After selecting an item, there will be a screen to enter the Item Details. Enter the Quantity and click 'Submit'.
  • If it is a serialized item, users need to select the serial numbers in Edit Internal Stock Transfer Draft.

  • The item will be added to the Draft Stock Transfer.
  • Click 'Confirm and Save'. The Draft Internal Stock Transfer document will be created.