Create Internal Stock Transfer [MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/25/create-2/
  • Trading > Internal Stock Transfer > Create
  • This function allows users to transfer goods from one branch to another branch. Note that the system disallow transfer of goods from one branch to another branch with different PC Center. This is because from accounting perspective, each PC Center constitute a full balance sheet, profit and loss account etc. The stock which is an asset in each of the PC Center CANNOT mysteriously disappear to another PC Center.
  • Fill in the required information. Click 'Set Details' to confirm the details entered are correct.
 Available Fields
 Branch FROM
Specify the branch that will transfer the items
 Branch TO
Specify the branch that will receive the items
 TransporterThe person in-charge of delivering the items. Users can type in the  driver name or select a driver from the drop down list. The driver drop down list is configured in Distribution > Maintenance > Create Driver.
 RefNoReference number of related documents, for eg. delivery order
 Create Date
Date of the stock transfer is created
 Sender Remarks
Optional remarks
  • Select item that need to be transferred. Click on 'Item'. A Select Stock For Transfer screen will appear.
  • Users can search for items by EAN Code or Fuzzy Search.
  • Items that match the search criteria will be listed. Click on the respective item code to select.

  • After selecting an item, there will be a screen to enter the Item Details. Enter the Quantity and click 'Submit'.

  • The item will be added to the Stock Transfer.
  • Click 'Confirm and Save'. The Internal Stock Transfer document will be created.