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This option is used in the event that a Purchase Order was created to the supplier initially.

To create GRN by PO

  • Go to Procurement Module and under the Transactions heading, click on 'Create GRN by PO'

1.1: Create GRN by PO

  • First enter the PO Number into the field and click 'Submit'.
  • There after, a new screen will pop up.

1.2: Filling up details of the GRN based on the PO

  • For Branch, Specify the location receiving the goods then click "Set Branch" to confirm the location.
  • Then Enter the invoice/ DO Number by the supplier.
  • Remarks is optional and users can enter any additional information that maybe required.
  • Then users will add items for the initially created PO, by clicking on 'Add Item from PO'. A pop up will appear with the list of items in the PO. Just click on the item and a new window will appear. Key in the pricing information and click 'Submit'.
  • By clicking on 'Auto Add All', this will add all outstanding non-serialized item in the PO. Just click 'OK' and the items will automatically enter into the list.
  • And 'Auto Add Processed Only' button, this will add all processed items in the PO. Just click 'OK' and the items will automatically enter into the list.
  • If there is an item that is not available in the intially created PO, then click on 'Add New Item' to add items.
  • If the GRN was filled in wrongly or any reason at all, users can just simply click on 'Reset Form' to clear the WHOLE page.
  • After performing the above, the "Confirm & Save" tab will be made available to be selected and a GRN document will be created.