Create Footwear Order [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/01/create-order-footwear/
  • Footwear > Transactions > Create Order
  • This is where the user creates a sales order.
  • Select a Branch, click 'Change'.
  • Click on 'Select Customer' to choose an existing customer account.
  • Select a Salesman and enter the OrderDate.
  • Enter the Discount if there is any and click 'Order Discount'. Note that this discount is only applicable if you are giving the same discount for all items on the list. If not you will have to key in the discount separately when you are adding items.

  • Click 'Add Item' to enter item ordered by the customer.
  • A new screen will pop up. Enter the Article Code and click on 'Submit'. All the sizes and the balance quantity will be shown.
  • Pick a size and enter the quantity, click 'Submit'.
  • If there is a promotion or discount for the item, enter the details and click the 'Submit' button next to the field or else it will not take effect. Note that there are 2 type of discounts:
    • Percentage Discount - if an item cost RM80, has 5% discount, after discount it will cost RM76
    • Absolute Discount - If an item cost RM80 and there is a discount of RM5, after discount it will cost RM75
  • After entered all the details, click 'Save Now'.
  • The article added will appear in the order form. 

  • Click 'Confirm and Save' to create the order.