Create Customer Account[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO  http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/customer-create-account/
  • Customer > Maintenance > Create account
  • * Direction goes from left to right *
  • Click 'here' to search if the account already exists before creating another one.
  • The 'Account PKID' will be self-generated by the system.
  • Enter the company's name. Tick 'Disable Name Checking for Corporate Account' if you do not want to check if that account name already exists.
  • Input and Account Code Prefix if you have a designated one. Otherwise, just ignore it because the system will append a code to it.
  • Under terms, select a number of credit period the customer is allowed to receive. Please check with the relevant persons first. Do the same for credit limit.
  • Also, the credit settings may be fixed as drop-down list or set as default amount under Customer Module Configurations.
  • (continue from above) Enter a description.
  • Select a 'Type' of whether the customer is a Personal or Corporate client.
  • Type in a Company Registration No., Co. Email and Homepage.
  • Enter the Telephone numbers (please see Customer Module Configurations) and Address according to the label.  
  • Pick a Status of 'OK' or 'Blacklisted'. If the status is set to Blacklisted, the user will not be able to issue and invoice to that customer.
  • For Customer Type, you can configure to set your own options in the Configure Drop Down List to describe the customer.
  • Select the Salesman's name responsible for the customer.
  • Under Factor:
    • Discount - how much discount the customer is entitled to for every sales transaction.
    • Pricing - the remainder after discount
    • eg. Price = 1 - Discount
    •                = 1 - 10%
    •                = 1 - 0.1
    •                = 0.9 or 90% of original price 
    • Price and Discount must always = 100%
  • Enter the areas in the Property section.
  • Finally, click 'Create New Customer Now'.