Create / Edit Bill of Material[MIGRATED]

Bill of Material (BOM) is number of items, put into a package and introduced as one item. However, the bill will show the items which forms the package separately. For further information, please refer Bill of Materials.
  • Inventory > Bill of Material > Create / Edit
  • Enter an item code then click 'Get BOM' or search for it by clicking 'Item Code'. If the Item Code does not exist in the system, users have to create the item code at Add Item.
  • A message will appear if the Item Code does not have a Bill of Material. You may create one. Click 'Create BOM Now'.

Add Child Item (1st step)
  • Click 'Item Code' to select an item. To create an Item Code not in the EMP, go to Add Item or Edit Item.
  • Rebate Value (per unit) - How much can be deducted from selling price per unit.
  • Packing Unit - Name the packing unit, eg. packet, pieces, crate, box. 
  • Quantity - How many items in a packing unit. Multiple kinds of units and quantities and be entered.
  • Pricing:
    • List/Retail Price - the price that the customers will pay for.
    • Sale/Whoesale/Dealer Price - the price that will pay by customers who buy in large quantity.
    • Discounted Price 1 to 3 is the three level of default discounted prices.
  • Pseudo Code - an alternative code of the item to hide the real identity of the item from customer.
    • Logic - Click here to learn more on the logic.
      • Replace Text
      • Hide Row
    • Code - an alternative item code.
    • Name - an alternative item name.
    • Description - an alternative item description.
  • Child Type - Types of measurement.
  • Click 'Add New Child Item Now'.

BOM Items
  • The list of child items will then appear here. The information include:
    • Quantity on Hand - Quantities available in stock. The packing units cannot exceed this amount.
    • Unit Rebate - Number of units having rebate.
    • Rebate Amount - Total rebate.
    • Edit - Goes back to 'Add Child Item'.
    • Delete
    • Total

BOM Details (Summary)
  • Details of the item code will be stated here. To edit the details here, users can go to Edit Item. However, you must first, delete this BOM by clicking 'Delete BOM' on the right.
  • Item Code
  • Type
  • Prices
    • List price
    • Sales price 
    • Discount 1
    • Discount 2
  • Rebate - Deduction of any specific amount from the selling price.
  • Rebate Date Range - The period of which the rebate will valid. Enter dates 'From' and 'To'. Then click 'Set Rebate Date Range'.
  • Edited by - The user who is creating the BOM.
  • Last updated - Time and date of when the BOM was created.
  • Total last purchase cost - The price of the item from the last GRN.
  • Maximum Allowable Pack Quantity - Maximum quantity of package that is available for sale.
  • Allow customer discount factor - True / False. Click 'Submit'.
  • Display Option - the display format of the BOM in documents. Remember to click 'Submit' after selecting a Display Option.
    • Details
      • Parent item will not appear, only the child item will appear
      • Users can edit or delete individual child items
      • Price shown based on individual child item price in BOM
      • Only deduct child items for every sale made
      • No deduction on parent item, can issue invoice even though the parent item do not have stock
    • Header_Limited
      • Both the parent and child items will appear
      • Users cannot edit or delete the individual child items, can only edit or delete the package as a whole
      • Price shown is the list price of the BOM, can give discount for the whole package. Individual child item price will not be show
      • Both the parent and child stocks will be deducted for every sale made
      • Can issue invoice even though the parent item is negative quantity but the child items must have enough stock
    • Packing - this is only selected when the Packing field is used when adding child item
      • Both the parent and child items will appear
      • Users can edit or delete individual child items
      • Individual child item price will be show
      • Both the parent and child stocks will be deducted according to the purchase quantity
      • Cannot issue invoice when the parent item or child item has negative quantity, parent item can be converted to child item