Convert Outstation, Interflora PO to GRN[MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO;http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/05/26/convert-outstation-interflora-po-to-grn/

  • Florist > Processing > Convert Outstation, Interflora PO to GRN
  • This function is used when user receives a purchase order from Interflora or outstation. Because there is no sales order created on the user side, but user need to deliver items to customers. Therefore after the purchase order is received, it will be converted to GRN to assume that the user has received the item from the supplier. This process is to maintain the integrity for both Accounting and Inventory.
  • For example, Johor station receives an order that need to be delivered to Kuala Lumpur. Assume that the user station is in Kuala Lumpur. Johor station will issue a purchase order to the user, user will need to deliver the item to the customer. When user received the purchase order, user will convert the purchase order to a GRN to assume that an item has been received from Johor station. Then the received item is assumed to be delivered to the customer.
  • Enter the required details, click 'Get Listing'.
  • Tick on the check box to convert the purchase order to a GRN. After a purchase order is converted, the Process Status will change to 'Posted' and the respective GRN number will be listed. User will not be able to convert a purchase order more than once.

  • Please take note that only approved purchase order can be converted to GRN. Approval of purchase order is done in the Purchase Orders Listing.
  • Click 'Create Supplier' to add a new supplier account. Click here to learn how to create a supplier account.