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Description / Usage / Benefits

Certain companies reward their salesmen according to how fast they manage to collect from their customers. If the salesman collect faster, they get rewarded better. This report shows all the collections within a period of time, and analyze each of the collection, to compute the corresponding age of the collection based on the invoice dates.

Basically, this report does NOT show invoices which are not settled but only invoices which have been fully / partially settled. You should see Transaction Aging Analysis (as above) for outstanding invoices.

Please be aware that, the columns in this report, segregating eg. 0-30 days, 31-60 days are not how long the invoices have been outstanding. Instead they show how long the payment took to settle the invoice.
  • Salesman Total - The Total Amount collected from each Salesman.
  • Dealer Type Subtotal - Total Amount for customers with the same Dealer Code.
  • Invoice Amount - How much is billed to customer.
  • Rct (Invoice Amount column) - How much is paid for the corresponding invoice.
  • Invoice Balance = Invoice Amount - Rct (Invoice Amount column)
  • Account Subtotal - Total amount Outstanding for that customer.
  • All payment modes, eg. cash, credit card, cheque are included here.
Step By Step Guide

1. Select Branch or All Branches.
2. Enter Date Range - From and To.
3. Choose a Salesman name from the drop-down list. Remember to tick the check box.
4. Click 'Generate report Now'.

To Download the Example, click on the link below:
Collection With Invoice Aging Report

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