Chart of Accounts[MIGRATED]


1.1: Configurations and Setup

Adding GL Code

  • Select 'Add GL Code' under the Chart of Accounts heading (1.2: Adding GL Code).
  • Enter a 'GL Code'. Example GL code can be entered 'gstpayable' for GST account or 'corptxpayable' for corporate tax payable. Note that the GL code once added can not be edited/changed.
  • If unsure which GL code has been created, click on the 'Popup GL Code List' (1.3: GL Code List). This will open a new window/tab on the browser with the whole of GL code that have been created previously.
  • Then select which category the GL code should be categorise under from the drop-down list from 'GL Category'.
  • Enter a name and description for the GL code in the respective field for 'GL Code Name' and 'GL Code Description'.
  • A GL code reference number can be entered as well.
  • Then select the grouping for the GL code. The grouping can go down up to three (3) levels.
  • Lastly, select which ledger side the amount should be entered e.g. Debit or Credit side.
  • Click on the 'Add Now' button and the updated chart of account will appear.

1.2: Adding GL code

1.3: GL code list

View GL Codes

  • Click on the 'View GL Code' under the Chart of Accounts heading and the entire list of GL codes will be listed down in a table (1.4: GL code listing).

1.4: GL code listing

Merge GL Code

  • Select the 'Merger GL Code' from the Chart of Accounts heading.
  • Enter the source GL code that is to be merge with the targeted Gl code. Ad click 'Submit' to continue.
  • Please note that once the source GL code is merged with the targeted GL code, all the transactions will be merged into the new GL code as well and the source GL code will be deleted.

1.5: Merging GL code