Cashsales [MIGRATED]

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Trading > Transaction > Cashsale

A cash sale can be issued when the invoice amount is equal to the collection amount, and the date/time of sales is the same as the date/time of collection. In Wavelet, every cash sale is a composite document (which means, it consist of other basic documents, namely invoice and official receipt).

The Wavelet cash sale function is often used as the Point of Sales for various retail businesses. The user interface is designed to be fully keyboard operated. Users could use short-cuts to increase the speed of issuing cash sales.


While adding items to the invoice, users could use a barcode scanner, or they could also key in a keyword to pull out a list of items. Please note, only items with quantity in the specific branch/location will show in the list.

For serialized items, user should scan the item code, not the serial number. Serial number is only entered into the system after an item is selected.


Cashier could request for member card number from the customers, either scan or swipe the card after placing the cursor on the screen at the member card number field. If the member card is still valid, all sales are entitled to membership points based on reward and redemption campaign inside the Customer Loyalty Program.


If the users select a credit card payment mode that has the "admin fee option" specified correctly, the system will auto compute the admin charges, and add it to the bottom of the cash bill, and automatically top up the credit card amount to make up the difference. For more details, see "Card Payment Configurations".


With properly configured card payment mode, the system will automate the finance charges calculations  by the bank, be it EZ Payment (0% installment scheme), or normal credit cards. As the payment mode is tied to cash books that represent certain bank accounts, bank reconciliation would be consolidated without further manual intervention.

To Create a Cash sale:
  • Select a Customer. Users can click 'Customer Name' to search for the customer or enter the customer account id and click 'Submit'.
  • Click 'Item' to search for an item or enter the item code and click 'Submit'.

  • After selecting an item, the Adding Item Details page will pop up for users to enter the price and quantity.
  • Users can select a promotion to give the customer a discount. There are 2 ways to create a promotion:
  • The price of the item will change according to the promotion selected.
  • The tax configuration can be set up when adding the item so that the tax amount will appear every time the respective item is selected. Please refer to Add Items to learn the tax settings.
  • After entering the details, click 'Submit' to add the item to the cash sale. The item added will be listed in the table, users can remove or edit the item under the Action field.

  • Enter the payment details. Enter the correct amount in the respective payment method and click 'Recalculate'.
  • Click 'Confirm and Save' to create the cash sale. Note that the 'Confirm and Save' button cannot be clicked if the payment details are not entered or the amount entered is different from the cash sale amount.

To settle the cash sale with deposit:

  • Deposit is created in the Customer > Tasks > Settle Documents / Deposit
  • Click 'Select Deposit Settlement', a new screen will appear.
  • Enter the Amount into the Payment field and click 'Submit'.

  • Enter the remaining amount in the Payment Details and continue with the same procedures as the cash sale.