Cashier Collection[MIGRATED]

This Cashier Collection is only a suggestion or a standard procedure of sales collection. This process starts from when the cashier enter sales into EMP, collects money from the customers, end day closing and bank-in the sales collection.

Cashier's Role
  1. Cashiers may use either Settle Documents / Deposit or Fullscreen Cashsale to settle invoices or do cash sales.
  2. End day closing - Closing the drawer for the current user, calculate the amount of money in the drawer first. Make sure the totalling up is done in pair (with the next shift cashier). Then, record and sign on the slip.
  3. Hand over the collection to the supervisor, where he or she will bank it in.
  4. During the inter-change of shift between 2 cashiers, the float will need to be transferred from the current to the new cashier. Leave the float in the drawer, and the new cashier will calculate and verify the correct amount.
  5. Always remember to logout.

Supervisor's Checking
  1. Trading > Reports > Daily Cashier Collection Report
  2. From the amount of cash sale generated here, tally with the calculated total cash in the drawer (Cashier > Step 2).
  3. As for the credit card, the receipts printed from the EDC machine, vouch every individual credit card transaction with this report. By overlooking this step, you may face a serious risk of cashier being able to pocket any cash sales entered in EMP but as credit card sales instead. At the end of the month, when doing Bank Reconciliation, you will realize that the credit card sale did not debit into your bank account.
  4. The same goes for cheques, deposits and vouchers received.
  5. Also, from Daily Cashier Collection Report, you may check the printed carbon copy of cashbills against this report. This step is done to ensure that the cashier printed all receipts for customers to recognize the sale officially.
  6. Bank-In Slips - Supervisor can either submit to the accountant or Bank-In for their own branch (depends on management's policy). Please see Bank-In Slip.