Cashbook Adjustment[MIGRATED]

For users adopting EMP for the first time, cashbook adjustments will need to be done to transfer the previous system's data to the opening balance in EMP.

Examples of adjustments to be made (from previous UBS system) (from last month):
- Uncredited / unpresented cheques (+)
- Closing balance cashbook (-)
  • Finance > Cashbook > Adjustment
  • Select a PC Center. Then click 'Set PC Center'.
  • Select a Cashbook and click 'Set Cashbook'.
  • Enter the date and click 'Set Date'.
  • The balance in cashbook as at the current date will be displayed.

  • Enter the date, remarks and amount ( -RM 120 for negative amount).
  • Click 'Submit'.

  • The cash balance will then be updated.
  • As shown below, RM 569 + RM 120 = RM 689.

Important Note :
Yes, we mentioned in Cash Book Configurations that all money in and out from this Cash Book will have a corresponding transaction being recorded in the Cash Book's GL Code, however, this DOES NOT apply to Cash Book Adjustment.

For example, you add RM100 to Petty Cash Book through Cash Book Adjustment, system will not create a corresponding record in the Petty Cash Book's GL.

The rationale behind this is because this Cash Book Adjustment should only be done once, which is to specify the Cash Books' Opening Balance. Since you will be keying in the GL's Opening Balance later on, to avoid duplication in the GL, the system WILL NOT create the corresponding record in the GL when performing Cash Book Adjustment.