Branch vs Inventory Location(MIGRATED)


In Wavelet EMP, an inventory location is defined as the physical location where stocks are being kept. The stock balance reports will only generate the balance quantity base on inventory locations. This is different from branch, because branches are defined as departments for issuing bills. We could have multiple branches point to the same inventory location, and when the branch sell products, it is deducted from the inventory location tied to those branches. Branches are normally used to monitor sales etc, whereas inventory locations are used to monitor stock balance.



A computer shop has an outlet at a specific shopping complex. They also have a booth some where near the outlet. The booth does not keep a lot of stock, and when it sells stock not displayed at the booth, it will just take from the outlet nearby. At night, the stock at the booth are kept in the outlet. The management of the computer shop would like to know the sales of the outlet vs the sales of the booth, but for stock balance, there isn't real need to separate out the stock at the booth vs the stock at the outlet because they are so near to each other. In addition, when the booth sells products taken from the outlet, doing internal stock transfer would be a hassle.

Wavelet EMP's feature to allow multiple branches pointing to the same inventory location addresses this operation need.