Branch Listing [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/01/branch-listing/
  1. Developer > Branch Maintenance > Branch Listing
  2. To edit the details of the branch, click 'Edit'.

1.1: Branch Listing

  • The screen for editing branch details is the same for adding a branch except for a few  additional fields. Such as:-
    • Tax Registration Number - If the company is registered for tax, then tax registration number should be keyed in here.

1.2a: Editing Branch Details 

  • Logo URL
    • Enter the URL here so that the logo will appear in printed documents such as, invoice, cash bill, etc.
    • Please see Images Manager to upload your company logo into EMP.
  • CRV Options
  • Permission Options

1.2b: Editing Branch Details
  • Headers and Footers allows users to edit the printable for the following list. Whatever entered here will appear in iReport, where selecting a field from Report Inspector, the expressions input below will be linked and can be pasted on the iReport page.
  • Please see Customizing Invoice Format using Jasper iReport for more information on iReport.
    • Invoice Header and Footer
    • Cashsale Header and Footer
    • Proforma Invoice Header and Footer
  • When entering the text here, users do not need to enter <br> at the end of every line (to indicate going to the next line). That was implemented when html text was used previously. At this time, please delete all the <br> from the text or it will appear on the invoice. To go to the next line, just press 'Enter'.

1.2c: Editing Branch Details

  • These are also to set the format on how the following documents will look when being printed. Select the suitable options from the drop-down listing.
    • Cashsale / Invoice Format
    • Credit Memo Format
    • Payment Voucher
    • Proforma Invoice Format
    • Service Note Format
    • Purchase Order Format
    • Official Receipt Format
  • After everything have be done and checked, click 'Save Changes'.

1.2d: Editing Branch Details