Batch Printing of Statement of Account [MIGRATED]

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The function is exactly similar to Statement of Account except that it prints the statement for all customers for a single branch. This is called Batch Printing. After batch printing, user may dispatch the statement to every customer so that customers can view all their transactions with the company and check if the amounts are correct.
  • Customer > Tasks > Batch Printing of Statement of Account
  • This statement displays all the previous transactions such as, invoices, credit memo and receipts. These transactions are shown in detailed in replacement of the opening and closing balances for Billing Statement.
  • A customer code is stated at the top-right side of the statement for each Statement of Account.
  • An Aging Summary is shown at the bottom to provide additional information showing, how much is owing to user company for a certain period of time. Also see Monitor Outstanding Documents for Customers' Outstanding Document Report.
The report generated will open using PDF file (default). A pop-up will appear indicating the download of the file, where you can choose to open or save it. You can also open the file using other applications.