Batch Printing of Billing Statement [MIGRATED]

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To print the billing statements for all branches in batch, this function is most useful for the user. This statement shows how much each customer owes every branch and what transactions occurred during the month. After generating the report and printing it, the user can dispatch the billing statements to customers showing a debit/credit balance.
  • Customer > Tasks > Batch Printing of Billing Statement
  • Basically, Batch Printing of Billing Statement is exactly like Billing Statement but it prints in a full batch of customers for any amount of branches.
  • Opening and closing balance is included in the statement.
  • An amount of how much the customer owes / has credit with the user company is displayed:
    • Debit balance - Customer owes user
    • Credit balance - User owes customer (In situations like sales return, refund, warranty)
  • For convenience of the customers, at the bottom of the Billing Statement, it will state, Please Pay RMXX.XX (debit balance).
The report generated will open using PDF file (default). A pop-up will appear indicating the download of the file, where you can choose to open or save it. You can also open the file using other applications.