Bartender Barcode Printing Instructions(MIGRATED)


Exporting Data from EMP

1. Create a directory by the name of c:\EMPData\
2. Go to Inventory -> Item -> Item Listing
3. Click on Generate Report button.
4. After the report finish generating. Click on Export Data.

5. Save the file ExportItemList<YYYY-MM-DD>.csv into c:\EMPData\
6. Run Open Office Spreadsheet application (Calc)
7. Open the file as in 4. At the Separated by  - uncheck Comma, check the Tab checkbox, remove " at Text Delimiter box.
8. Follow the steps in the screen captures below to set all columns to "Text.




9. Save As excel file.

10. Remove all the unwanted data columns leaving only itemcode, itemname, level6, eancode, remarks1

Note: Step 2 - 10 needs to be repeated whenever you need the ExportItemList.xls with the most updated list from EMP.

Using Bartender

Usually the most common steps to print label(s)/ barcode(s) in bartender are as follows;
1. Open a Format File. (File -> Open)
2. Query the data that you wish to use to print the Label(s)/ Barcode(s).

An example Query is shown in the screen capture below:

3. Print Preview. (Note you may be prompted to some data)

4. After you are satisfied with Print Preview, you may click on the Printer icon to print.

5. If you wish to print the Labels on another paper size. You may make the necessary changes in File -> Page Setup

You can also change the print layout by selecting the Layout tab.