Bar Code Printing Program Setup[MIGRATED]

Bar Code Printing program works in Windows OS machine. The OS(operating system) supported are ranging from Win XP, Vista and the latest Windows 7.

A client machine is required to install with few driver, which are

1. .Net 3.5, dotnetfx35.exe

- If installing .Net 3.5 is unsuccessful, you may need to install the following driver first. Go to step no. 2.

2. WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86

- Install this, WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86 if the first installation step was unsuccessful. Then, try to install the first driver, .Net 3.5 again.


Program Setup

a) Copy the given “Wavelet.BarcodeLabelSys.Net3” Folder into C:\


 b) Under Setup – Double click the dotnetfx35.exe to install .Net Framework.

c) If needed, double click the TSC_7.1.6.exe to install printer application after .Net Framework has been installed.



  d) Under C:\ Wavelet.BarcodeLabelSys.Net3\Release, right click the Wavelet.BarcodeLabelSys.Net3.exe and create a shortcut to the Desktop.

Later, you may use the desktop shortcut to access to Wavelet Bar Code Printing Program.