Audit Trail Reports [MIGRATED]

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An Audit Trail is
a record showing who has accessed a computer system and what operations he/she has performed during a given period of time (Webopedia). This report will be extremely useful during internal or external audits, where auditors will be able to track transactions if any discrepancies are detected. The audit trail shows the date, time, branch, user, documents and remarks.
  • System Admin > Manage Users > Audit Trail Reports
  • Select a filter by checking on 'User' or 'Branch' and choose an appropriate option.
  • Enter a date range of 'From' and 'To' to view the report in a certain period.
  • Next, select a second filter of 'Type' showing:
    • All - All the options below.
    • Access - The persons who has logged in the system and IP address.
    • SysAdmin - What transactions have been done in the System Admin function.
    • User - Sort the report by users.
    • Transactions - What transactions have been performed showing the functions and details of the transactions.
    • Usage - What reports have been generated.
    • Customer - What configurations altered to customer accounts.
  • If the report is too long, you can enter a keyword to search for only specific transactions.
  • Alternatively, you can just select 'ALL' users or branch to view a full length, detailed report. It may take a little bit longer to generate the report if the size of the report is huge.
  • Finally, click 'Submit'.