Adjust Article Sizes [MIGRATED]

  • Footwear > Article Maintenance > Adjust Sizes
  • The adjustment is usually done after doing a stock checking to ensure that the stock in the inventory is tally with the record in the system. 
  • This happens sometimes after customer brought the articles, they found out that the size is not suitable, so they will request for an exchange of the sizes. Because the system only keep record of the sales transaction, so the exchange part will not be recorded. This will lead to the stock balance of the sizes different from the record.
  • Enter the Article Code and Branch, click 'Submit'.
  • The balance quantity of each sizes in the branch will be shown.
  • Fill in the quantity for the respective sizes that need to be adjust, click 'Submit'.
  • Make sure that the total quantity before and after the adjustment are the same. The total stock quantity will not be changed, only the quantity for each sizes will be affected.

  • If the total quantity before and after the adjustment are not equal, the total quantity after the adjustment and the difference between the total quantity before and after adjustment will be shown in red. This acts as a reminder for the users to check their input.
  • User will not be able to proceed if the difference exist.

  • After the adjustment has been done, the changes that you have made will be listed down.
  • Check the details of the changes and ensure that it is correct.
  • Enter the Date and Remarks. Remarks can be the reason why an adjustment is done.
  • Click 'Confirm And Save'.