Passing journal transactions is the recording of financial data (taken usually from a journal voucher) pertaining to a business transactions in a journal such that the debits equal credits. Journal entries provide an audit trail and means of analyzing the effects of the transactions on the firm's financial position. (BusinessDictionary.com)
  • Accounting > Add JTxn
  • Select the PC Center from the drop-down list and enter the date for the transaction.
  • Then, select a 'Reference Doc' to show what document the journal transaction will be associated with and enter a remark in the box on the right.
  • Enter a description of the journal entry in the 'Description' box.
  • Click 'Set Details'.
  • The Receipt Voucher number will then appear on the right (eg. Rct9001) for future easy reference.
  • Input the correct details - GL Code, remarks and amount in the Debit or Credit column.
  • Then, click 'Add Item'.
  • Also, to delete a particular transaction, click 'Delete'.

  • Finally, click on 'Save JTxn!' at the top-right corner to save the journal transactions.
  • As follows will appear to confirm the journal transactions: