Add Branch [MIGRATED]

MIGRATED TO http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/03/17/add-branch/
  • From the side navigation of the 'Developer Module', under the 'Branch Maintenance', select 'Add Branch'
  • Code.
    • This is code is to differentiate the branches from one another. Enter a unique code for each branch. This will determine how the branch is sorted. A limit of 50 characters is allowed.
  • Name and Business Registration No.
    • Enter the name and the business registration no. of the business. Take note that the name that is entered will appear in the invoice and there is a maximum limit of 100 characters.
  • Description
    • Enter a brief description for the branch. Alternatively, users may copy the name in the 'Name' field to here. This description field is a compulsory field.
  • Address, Phone No., Fax No., Hotlines and Web URL
    • Enter the address, phone no and fax no. of the branch. A web URL can be entered if applicable.
  • PC Center (ProfitCost Center)
    • Select from the drop-down list of PC  center that was previously created under the 'Organization Structure - Define Profit and Cost Center' heading.
  • Inventory Location
    • Select the inventory location/store location for this branch. Inventory location is created in 'Add Store Location' option.

1.1a: Adding Branch

  • Cashbook Config
    • It is divided into 'Cash Drawer', 'Credit Card', 'Cheque', 'PD Cheque', 'Coupon' and 'Other'.
    • Take note that all cashbook selected should belong to the correct PC Center.
  • Pricing Scheme
    • Select the pricing scheme for the branch. The pricing scheme is categorise as 'Retail', 'Wholesale' and 'Discounted' price scheme.
  • Logo URL
    • The company/branch logo can be added here. The logo will be display in the invoice as well.

1.1b: Adding Branch