General Ledger Maintenance(MIGRATED)

From the Accounting Module, go to the 'Congifuration' option under the Maintenance heading. From there click on 'General Ledger Maintenances' under the General Ledger heading to bring up the maintenance screen.

1.1: General Ledger Configuration

  • First key in the GL Code. Aternatively, click on 'Select' to bring up the select GL code screen (1.3: Select GL Code). Users can search for th GL code by keyword or just click on 'List All' to view the whole GL code listing in the system. Then click on the required GL code.
  • Then select the Batch. Batch can be created here.
  • Click on 'Get List' to poppulate the list below.
  • The list will show all the PC Centers. Users can create a GL code for that particular PC Center or view the created ledger.
  • To create a GL code for the PC Center, just simple select the appropriate currency and click on 'Create GL'.
  • To view, just click on 'View Ledger' and a new screen will pop-up with the GL ledger. (1.4: View Ledger)

1.2: GL Maintenance

1.3: Select GL Code

1.4: View Ledger