New Purchase Order [MIGRATED]

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Go to the Procurement Module and to create a Purchase Order, click on 'New Purchase Order' under the Transactions heading. If users would like to reprint a previously created Purchase Order, simply enter the PO reference into the field located on the TOP RIGHT corner of the form and click 'Reprint PO'.

1.1: Transactions > New Purchase Order

  • Select the branch from the drop-down list and click 'Set Branch'.
  • Then select the supplier. Click on 'Supplier' and a new window will pop-out. Search for the supplier from the database and click on the supplier's name to select.
  • For the 'Other Details' section, users have the option to leave this section blank;
    • Reference Documents can be any document that refer to this Purchase Order;
    • Remarks can be any notes that users want to add in;
    • PO Date refers to the date of the PO being created. By default, it will show the current date;
    • Shipping Address should be filled in if the receiving goods location is different with the ordering location; and
    • Terms refers to the credit terms given for the particular purchase.
  • By default, the currency will be set to 'MYR'. If needed, select the applicable currency denomination for the list and enter the exchange rate into the empty field. Click on 'Set Foreign Currency'.

1.2: How the Currency section would look like upon clicking on the 'Set Foreign Currency' button

  • Then to add items into the Purchase Order, click on 'Add Item'.
  • A fuzzy search window will pop-up to search for the item in the database. Note that when the searched item is found, the item available or still in stock for each branch will show on the table. Either click on the code or description to select the item.

1.3: Searching for items

  • Upon selecting the item, a new window will pop-up.
  • Fill in the price per unit and the quantity purchasing.
  • Users can also put in optional remarks and the sales person for this purchase.
  • Click on 'Submit' to lock in the details entered. When this is done, the 'Confirm and Close' button will appear. Click o it to return to the create purchase order screen.

1.4: Adding Stock Details

  • Go through the create form again to make sure the details are accurate.
  • If everything is done, the 'Confirm and Save' button should available to be selected now. Click on it to create the Purchase Order.
  • There is also a 'Reset' button. Only click on it if users are sure that they want to restart the WHOLE process of creating the purchase order again.

1.5: Completed Create Purchase Order Form