Intercompany Stock Transfer Configuration[MIGRATED]

Intercompany Stock Transfer is transferring stock of any items in the warehouse from one PC Center to another or among Branches from different PC Centers. But first, you must Define PC Center and  Add Branches / Configurations for Branches.
The concept of intercompany stock transfer uses the invoicing concept, where the stock sender will invoice the recipient.
  • Accounting > Maintenance > Configurations > Intercompany Stock Transfer
  • Set by clicking:
    • Customer - who will receive the stock. Must link to the Branch in the drop down list below. Eg. ABC BRANCH to ABC HQ.
    • Supplier - who will send the stock
  • Select a Branch of where you are performing the stock transfer.
  • Click 'Add Now'.
* * If a branch cannot be found in 'Customer', please Create Account for the branch which will be receiving the stock. Same goes for Create Supplier, if the supplier (branch / PC Center) account does not exist in the system.
  • Then, a list will appear. Click 'Remove' on the right to delete the entry.
  • Remember to take note of the Customer and Supplier PKID.