Financial Year[MIGRATED]

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Here is where users can set the financial year of the company. If it is a new financial year then users may enter the strating date and the end date. Please note that after entering the starting date, users CAN NOT change the date anymore. So please be careful when entering the date.

1.1: Overview

Add Financial Year

1.2: Add Financial Year
  • Please take note of the note above. Once a financial year is created, then there can not be any changes.
  • First, select the PC Center from the drop-down list and click on 'Set PC Center' to confirm selection.
  • Then the selected PC Center as well as the financial year date will appear below the list.
  • If this is the first financial year, then users are allowed to enter the start date and the end date. If previously, there is an entry for the start date, then only the end date is allowed to be editted.
  • Click on 'Create Now' when ready. The newly created financial year will be created and listed below with the other financial year created.

Edit Financial Year and Period

1.3: Edit Financial Year and Period
  • To edit a particular financial year, first select the PC Center by scolling to the selected PC Center and click 'Set PC Center'.
  • Then select the financial year that you want to edit from the drop-down list. Click 'Submit' to generate the particular financial year list.
  • The whole year for the selected date range will appear below.
  • Users can manually change the date for the year and add any description for each month.
  • Remember to click 'Update' to lock any changes that have been made to a particular month.
The following features give you further control over the financial periods.

  • Lock GL => It stops the user from using Add JTxn in that financial period
  • Lock TXN => It stops the user from backdating Transactions into the financial period.

1.4 GL and TXN Locks