Currency Configurations(MIGRATED)


1.1: Currency Configuration

From the Accounting Module, go to the 'Congifuration' option under the Maintenance heading. From there click on 'Currencies' to bring up the currency configuration screen.

1.2: Configure Currency
  • Enter the Sort Code. The Sort Code is optional.
  • Code is for the currency code. E.g. RM for Malaysian Ringgit and S$ for Singapore Dollar.
  • Currency is similiar to Code but it is the currency abbreviation. E.g. MYR for Malaysian Ringgit and SGD for Singapore Dollar.
  • Malaysian Ringgit and Singapore Dollar are examples of currency name that should be entered.
  • Country is for the country name that the currency belongs to and the Country Code are the codes that are the codes that are usually used to differentiate between countries. E.g. MY and SG.