Adding Amount in Payment Voucher[MIGRATED]

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There are four (4) ways to add an amount in the payment voucher.

  • Settle Supplier Invoice

1.1: Settle Supplier Invoice

Note: The RED highlight will disappear when the field have been filled.
  • For 'Supplier', click on 'Select' to fuzzy search for a supplier in the database. Click on the supplier's name to slect it.
  • There are 2 ways to enater the amout for settlement.
    • First is enter in the 'Total Amt' field and click on 'AutoSettle'. This will automatically enter the amount into any outstanding invoice in the list below.
    • Alternatively, users may individually enter the amount to the respective outstanding invoice in the list. Click on 'Submit Setlement' when done.
  • Once done, click on 'Confirm and Save' to return to the payment voucher screen.
  • By clicking on 'Reset', it will reset the WHOLE forma and users would need to start all over.
1.2: Settle Supplier Invoices (Completed)

  • Settle Supplier Credit Memo
  • Please refer to 'Settle Supplier Invoice'. The way to use this option is the same.
1.3: Settle Supplier Credit Memo

  • Settle Customer Credit Memo
    • Please refer to 'Settle Supplier Invoice'. The way to use this option is the same.
1.4: Settle Customer Credit Memo

  • Add Expenses
  • Select the GL Code by either clicking on the 'GL Code' and search for the appropriate GL Code or just simple type a letter into the field box and automatically a drop-down list will appear based on the keyword entered.
  • Then enter the amount into the amount field.
  • The 'Pay To' field should be filled automatically based on who the users have selected in the 'Pay To' field above in the payment voucher.
  • Users may enter remarks, change the 'Bill date' and enter the 'Bill No.'.
  • Click on 'Submit' when ready.
  • The amounts entered (regardless which option) will appear below the 'Add Expenses' option. Users can delete the wrong entry.

1.5: Add Expenses