Create Payment Voucher[MIGRATED]

Migrated to http://wavelet.asia/customer-portal/2011/02/28/create-payment-voucher/

To create a payment voucher, go to Finance Module and click on 'Create' under Payment Vouchers.

1.1: Create Payment Vouchers

        Note: The RED highlight will disappear when the field have been filled.
  • Select the 'Branch' from the drop down list to begin.
  • After clicking on 'Set' to select the branch, new fields will appear.

1.2: New fields after selecting branch

        Note: The RED highlight will disappear when the field have been filled.
  • Select the 'Cashbook' and click 'Submit'.
  • Enter the 'Cheque No.' and click 'Verify Cheque No'. Here the system will go through previously created payment voucher to see if there is a duplicate of cheque number. If there is, then the system will not allow the payment voucher to go through and it will also show which payment voucher that particular cheque was paid for.
  • (Optional) Enter the TT No. here and hit 'Enter'.
  • For the 'Pay To' field, users can enter the payee's name manually and hit 'Enter'. Alternatively, users can select customers or suppliers from the database by clicking on the respective options.
  • (Optional) Users may enter a remark and a date for the payment voucher. Users may also put which users that check and approve the payment voucher.
  • (Optional) As for currency, by default, it would be in MYR. If there are any changes, enter the correct currency into the field and click 'Set Foreign Currency'.

1.3: Adding amounts

  • To add 'Amount', scroll down and users will have a few options to proceed:
    • Settle Supplier Invoice;
    • Settle Supplier Credit Memo;
    • Settle Customer Credit Memo;
    • Add Expenses.
  • There is a 'Reset' button if users need to reset the WHOLE form.
  • Once everything is done, click on 'Confirm and Save' at the top right of the screen