Balance Sheet[MIGRATED]


The Balance Sheet is to view that company's financial position. To produce a Balance Sheet in the EMP, go to the Accounting Module and select the Balance Sheet option from under the Fiancial Statements heading.

1.1: Balance Sheet
  • Select the appropriate PC Center.
  • Then enter the 'as of' date. Note that this date is the end date. Balance Sheet will be generated from the start of the financial year to the end date that is entered (end date).
  • Click on 'View' and the Balance Sheet will appear below.
  • Note the title and date above the Balance Sheet. It shows that financial position of the company from the start up to the date entered.
  • To the right side, there is a printable page if needed.

1.2: Balance Sheet (Printable)

  • For users with no Accounting background, please refer here for the terms.