Sales Item, CRV, Finance Charges Report[MIGRATED]

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Description / Usage / Benefits

The cost of sales for each invoice item is not limited to the inventory cost (cost of goods sold). There are several other costs incurred, for example, if Cash Rebate Vouchers were given to customers based on each item, or if the customers pay using Easy Payment Scheme (IPP) where finance charges could be amounting to between 5% to 9%, which is pretty significant. While giving out sales commissions to the salesman, sometimes it makes sense to deduct these direct charges, and only pay out commissions based on gross profit calculated after deducting these finance charges etc.

Step By Step Guide

1. Select a Branch or All Branches.
2. Invoice Date - To and From.
3. Select by Item Code or Inventory Category.
4. Sort By - Item Code / Invoice Date.

To Download the Example, click on the link below:
Sales Item, CRV, Finance Charges Report

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