"when a page is migrated to the new website, they should MOVE the page in the old website to become a sub-page of the MIGRATED-PAGES, so that we know which pages has been migrated, and which page has not."
- Vincent Lee Hong Fay

To perform the above, you will need to:
1) Change the page title so that it has "[MIGRATED]" affixed to it (How to Rename a Google Site Web Page).
2) Add the page link to this page (How to Add Links to a Google Site Web Page).
3) Move the page to this page as a subpage (How to Move a Google Site Web Page).

->System Admin



->Auto Workshop
->Language Support/Resource Bundles

->Customer Royalty
->Getting Started

->Software Developer
->Standard Operating Procedures
->Human Resources

->Sales Force

->Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
->Bar Code Printing
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