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This page will be used by developers to update everyone on new features and bug fixes that are rolled out after more than 1 day from point of discovery (excluding data fixes, PDF printable formats or anything that does not affect the source code itself) that are added to the system. Each entry will show the title and brief description on what it does. The developer will then provide either a link to further documentation or screenshots as necessary to further explain the enhancement/bug fix. This page is NOT intended as a complete documentation for each feature in the system, that will be covered by each function's individual documentation. However a link will be provided in this page pointing towards said documentation. All users are advised to subscribe to this page either through email notification or RSS feed to be constantly updated on latest stuff. This site will go into testing and compliance phase until 2009/11/13, and will officially launch starting from 2009/11/16 onwards.

Developers are required to strictly follow the format for the developer notes as presented in the example above. Format for the enhancement or bug fix description before the developer notes are freestyle, however, as long as they are clear and concise.

Available type tags: permission, bug fix, enhancement, new module

Please note that since the type field uses tags, you can add just one tag, or add a combination to it.