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System Requirements

Software Requirements

Client Operating System

Any operating system that supports Mozilla web browser. Currently, we recommend mozilla version 2. Test on Mozilla 3 results in some known issues, and we are still working on ensuring full compatibility with Mozilla 3.

Server Operating System

Wavelet EMP is written in JAVA, hence, it can runs on any operating system, including Linux, Windows, Unix (Solaris, HP Unix, SCO etc) and Mac OS. Of all the operating systems, Wavelet recommends Linux, for lower cost of ownership, as well as stability, security, reliability etc.

Server Database (SQL)

Currently, Wavelet runs on PostgreSQL, the most advanced open source SQL database available today. We recommend PostgreSQL version 8.3.

Server Application Server

The best open source application server, JBoss (a division of Red Hat) is preferred. Currently, we are using JBoss version 4.2.

Hardware Requirements


Depends on the number of concurrent users, the processors are recommended based on the load.


A minimum of 2GB RAM is required for a basic system. 16GB is recommended for systems that have approximately 300 users.


Minimum of 72GB, 10k rpm is required. For more heavy load, Wavelet recommend SCSI or SATA 10k rpm. The hardisk size is not crucial because the data size is only a few GB after 1-2 years of usage.