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How to set printer up for HTML report printing

Following is done in Firefox Web Browser. If you are using IE, it may be different from following.

Paper orientation

1. File -> Page Setup -> Format & Options -> Select Orientation (Portrait or Landscape)

Removing Margins

 File -> Page Setup -> Margins & Header/Footer -> Put 0 (zero) for
  • Top
  • Left
  • Right
  • Bottom
Please don't select any header or footer.

Setting correct paper size

3. File -> Print -> Select Printer (from the dropdown list) -> Click on Properties -> Advanced -> Select Pager Size (from the dropdown selection)

How to set printer up for PDF report printing

The step you may follow are here:
1. Try to print a printable.
2. A PDF file will appear.
3. Click printer icon, which may appear in your web browser somewhere on the top left, below web address/url.
4. Then a screen similar as the attachment here will appear

5. Look at Page Scaling and click the drop down menu, set this to None.
6. Then, look for Properties button and click it.
7. Look for Page Size and try to configure them to letter, A4 or others. Refer to screen attachment here

8. Click the Specify Margin and set it to 0.0.

Now, you may try print the printable format.