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Configure Tax Settings [MIGRATED]

  • System Admin >  EMP Configuration > Tax

  • Under the Tax configurations screen, the configurations is divided into Sales and Purchases sections.


Sales and Purchases Setting

  • Users will need to select the applicable branches from the list of branches. Users can either select by using the 'SELECT ALL' option or manually selecting one branch. For multiple selections, hold down 'CTRL' on the keyboard and click the branch name. After selecting, click on the 'Submit' button.

  • Then enter the default  GL code in the GL code option. There would be a drop-down list of GL code that have been created previously in the Accounting Module. Select the appropriate GL code and click 'Submit' to saved the selection.

  • Under the 'Items Price Include Tax Rate', users can enable or disable the option. If it is enable then the tax rate would be included into the price of the items and when creating items in the Inventory Module, users would not have to include tax rate as it is done automatically (Note that in order for this to work, users would need to enable the option that the item is taxable when being entered in the Inventory Module) . Example:

    • Enable the option :- The items price would then be inclusive of GST e.g. RM100 inclusive of GST

    • Disable the option:- The items price plus GST e.g. assuming GST is 10%, RM100 + 10% GST = RM110