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Why I can't do Bank Reconciliation on the Journal Transactions that I have created in the System?

posted Sep 5, 2008, 9:45 AM by Unknown user

In Wavelet EMP, bank reconciliation is based on transactions in cash books. While doing payment vouchers, receipt vouchers, official receipts, customer settlements, cash transfer, the system will automatically create cash book transactions as well as creating the corresponding Journal Transactions based on the GL Code configured for various cash books. If a user edit or create the journal transaction directly in the accounting module, the cash books are not updated. This is because direct adjustment in the accounting module is only meant for non-cash related adjustments, non-account payable / receivable, non-stock/inventory type of transactions.

Take for example, if a user edit the account payable directly using the accounting module, the account payable in the supplier module will not be updated. On the contrary, the user use the features and functionality in the supplier module, by issuing credit memo, doing supplier payment with Payment Voucher etc, they will be able to use the documents created (Goods Received Note, Payment Voucher, Credit Memo, ....) to update the account payable, and at the same time, use those documents created to knock off each other.