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Why do we need to use sales return? Why don't we just cancel or void the invoice or cashsale?

posted Sep 5, 2008, 9:22 AM by Unknown user

When an invoice is created by mistake, or the details are wrong, for some reasons, certain details are inaccurate, for CONTROL purposes, we do not allow the cancellation of the invoice. However, we allow the user to do a Sales Return BASED ON THE INVOICE/CASHSALE.

It has happened many times, in many different organizations that we know where control of a software system is pretty loose, and by the time fraud was detected, it was too late to take corrective measures. In Wavelet EMP, every sales return must refer to an invoice/cashsale, this way, not only we can tighten the operations by preventing the the cancellation or void of invoice/cashsale excessively.