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What if the broadband connection is down?

posted Sep 5, 2008, 9:10 AM by Unknown user

There are 3 solutions to this:

a) Broadband down does not mean there is no internet connection. Because Wavelet EMP can function equally well with dial up connection. These days, you don't need to register a dial up account to use dial up connection. Besides, other backup lines like wireless 3G are widely available these days.

b) Even if there's no dial up (or telephone line, which is quite impossible), for temporary disconnection, users could use a manual cash bill or invoice with running number and carbon copy to issue bill. The running number of these invoices are recorded when the internet connection is restored, and the internal audit at the HQ will do cross referencing of these cash bills.

c) Wavelet is also in the process of developing a small thick client module, to support offline transaction at this point of time. We reckon it will take a few months to complete.