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Unable to create or edit customer account

posted Jul 8, 2009, 6:05 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 13, 2009, 2:27 AM ]
If user is unable to create or edit a customer account, check on the System Admin > EMP Configurations > Customer
  • In the Credit Limit Default and Credit Terms Default fields, make sure do not leave it empty and can only enter 1 value. The value entered must be an integer, do not enter in words form. Look at the examples below for better understanding:
    • Credit Limit Default: 0 => Correct
    • Credit Limit Default: zero => Wrong - do not enter value in words form
    • Credit Terms Default: 30 => Correct
    • Credit Terms Default: 30, 60 => Wrong - only 1 value can be entered in the field
  • Remember to click on 'Submit' after every editing.

  • To configure the Credit Limit Dropdown List and Credit Limit Terms Dropdown List, tick on the checkbox to enable the drop down list. Enter the figure that you want to show on the drop down list and click 'Submit' to save the changes.