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RMA (Replace item for customer / credit)

posted Mar 6, 2009, 1:15 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 17, 2009, 8:48 PM ]
Customer sends in Item A for service / warranty. User company then, sends it to the supplier but the Item A cannot be fixed. Moreover, the supplier does not have anymore Item A in stock for replacement. So, Item A will be replaced with Item B instead.
  • First go to RMA (Branch) to create a Service Repair Note (SRV).
  • Then, Create RMA.
  • Follow the steps in RMA (Department).
  • Select Resolution 'REPLACE OTHER'.
On customer's side:
  1. Create a Sales Return for Item A. 
    • Sales Return Amount - Select 'Credit Memo Only'
    • After creating the sales return, click 'Confirm and Save'.
    • Click OK when a pop-up appears requesting to print. Take note of the CM number.
  2. Then, create an Invoice of Item B to the customer.
    • This step is done so that the stock balance of Item B will be reduced by 1. Otherwise, the stock balance will be incorrect.
  3. Finally, Contra Customer Credit Memo from the Sales Return, with the invoice created in step 2.
    • Use the CM number from step 1 to input in CM PKID.
    • Enter the amount on credit side of the selected invoice from the list. Then, click 'Contra'.

On supplier's side:
  1. Create a Purchase Return for Item A.
    • Please remember this step or Item A is considered to remain in Inventory.
  2. If the initial payment for Item A is still owing to supplier, the purchase return will just offset with the supplier invoice originally created for Item A.
    • Accounts Payable will decrease.
  3. If the payment has already been made, a CM will be created so that you can offset with future supplier invoices.