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How do we record Purchase Return for transactions not recorded in system?

posted Sep 5, 2008, 9:40 AM by Unknown user

In Wavelet Enterprise Management Portal, Goods Returned are normally done by entering a Goods Received Note number. However, for newly implemented systems, Purchase Return cannot be done directly because there's no previous Goods Received Note associated to the items. To deduct the stock out from the system, a user can create an Invoice to sell the goods back to the supplier (create a customer account with the supplier name). Immediately upon invoicing this supplier, the user could do settlement with a cash book "Contra Cashbook", and subsequently use the "money" in this contra cash book to knock off supplier invoice using Payment Voucher.

Essentially, we are treating the supplier like a customer, instead of doing Purchase Return, we are invoicing the stock out.

Having said all the above, Wavelet R&D team is developing a new version of the Purchase Return, where no GRN number is required. Basically, users just select the stock for purchase return in a specific location. No linking with GRN is required.